Gate 2018 Answer Key – Question Paper[All Branches]

GATE 2018 Answer Key will be declared by IIT Guwahati to the earliest once the exam is conducted in February 2018. GATE 2018 Question Papers and Answer Key is available here. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level examination which acts as an entry gate for admissions to various postgraduate programmes in engineering. IIT Guwahati had organized the GATE 2018 exam this year.  Every year lakhs of applicants sit for this examination and handful of them get entry to good PG programmes by securing a good rank.

GATE 2018 Answer Key

No matter how well the exam goes, there is always a curiosity in the mind of candidates about their marks. Each and every candidate starts searching for Gate 2018 Answer Key as soon as they leave the examination hall. Unfortunately, the eagerness to find the correct Gate Answer Key, they navigate to websites where the answer keys are not correct. Make sure you avoid such unauthentic sources and find the right answer key on this website.

GATE 2018 Answer Key
GATE 2018 Answer Key

GATE 2018 is an online examination which means that candidates won’t receive the physical copy of the question paper. This implies that no institute or professor will get the question paper, and there is no way that any Answer Key rolls out before the official one. This is the true benefit of an online examination because you will get the Answer key from official sources only. As soon as Gate Answer Key 2018 rolls out, you will find it here.

GATE Answer Key 2018 Made Easy

GATE 2018 Answer Key is the trusted set of Answers for the GATE examination in 2018 declared officially. This is made available by the IIT which conducts the examination. IIT Guwahati is going to release the answer Key for Gate 2018. All the candidates who appear in this prestigious exam can evaluate themselves with the Gate Answer Key 2018. Even the marks and rank can be predicted by just looking at the correct answers before the results roll out.

Gate Answer Key gives the test taker a complete idea of how his exam has gone. This is a golden opportunity for the candidate for self-evaluation. You can also challenge the answer key in a given time-frame which is pre-decided by the concerned authorities.

 GATE Answer Key 2018

Event Name Date
 GATE 2018 examination   February 3, 4, 10 and 11, 2018
 Response Sheet of GATE 2018  Second week of February
 Availability of Official GATE 2018 Question Paper  Second week of February
Availability of Official GATE 2018 Answer Key  Third week of February
Dates to Challenge the Official Answer Key of GATE 2018  First week of March
 Availability of Final Answer Key of GATE 2018  Second week of March
 Result of GATE 2018  March 17, 2018

GATE 2018 Answer Key Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the m0st competitive branches in engineering. It deals with the study of chemicals and their composition. Candidates from Chemistry Engineering really need to work hard on their skills to get the desired rank. We have provided the GATE 2018 Chemistry Answer Key on this page. You can also download the GATE Chemistry Answer Key in PDF formats. Moreover, all the sets of the Chemistry Answer Key are available here.

GATE 2018 Answer Key Made Easy

Made Easy is among the top institutions which publish the GATE 2018 Made Easy Answer Key as soon as the exam commences. They have a team of professional teachers which prepare students f0r a better rank in GATE 2018 examination. They also help all the candidates by publishing GATE 2018 Answer Key by Made Easy. Candidates have a blind trust in their institute and their answer keys.

GATE 2018 Answer Key Mechanical

Mechanical Engineering is still the branch of engineering which has a lot of scope. Candidates take a lot of interest in Mechanical Engineering. All the students who sat for GATE 2018 examination can get GATE 2018 Mechanical Answer Key here. Moreover to make it easy for you, we have published the Answer Key for all the sets on our website. Download GATE 2018 Answer Key Mechanical and calculate your score.

GATE 2018 Answer Key Civil

Candidates who gave GATE 2018 Civil Engineering examination are looking for the Answer Keys. To help them we have uploaded GATE 2018 Civil Answer Key here. You can directly download the civil answer key in PDF formats or from the official website also. GATE Answer Key Civil 2018 will help you to calculate your score and predict your rank.

GATE 2018 Answer key CSE

Computer Science Engineering is the topmost preferred branch by serious candidates. Since the examination is very competitive, candidates are looking for answer keys. You can download GATE 2018 Answer Key CSE here in PDF format. This will help you to calculate your score and predict your rank in GATE 2018 examination.

GATE 2018 Answer key ECE

Electronics and Communication engineering candidates are anxiously looking for answer key to calculate their score. To help them, we have uploaded GATE 2018 ECE Answer Key. Candidates can download GATE Answer Key ECE in PDF form or download from official website. You will get GATE ECE Answer Key for all sets here. Without any worries, calculate your score and predict your rank.

Contest GATE 2018 Official Answer Key

The candidates are given a chance to challenge any question(s) in the paper. A small fee has to be paid in the process as it demands work for them. Make sure you mention the correct question number along with your justification for the right answer to it. If the authorities accept your answer as correct, you will be refunded the money you paid. This would also help others who got the same question wrong because of some error from the examiners.

How to Challenge GATE Official Answer Key 2018

Challenging the GATE Answer Key 2018 is a very important part of getting the score which a candidate deserves. A candidate should look into the incorrect responses in the Official GATE Answer Key 2018 to challenge and get accurate marks. Follow these below steps to challenge the Answer Key.

  1. Login to GOAPs website.
  2. Properly read the given guidelines.
  3. Agree to the declaration that states the guidelines for contesting Answer Key has been understood.
  4. Click on the option “Contest GATE Answer Key“.
  5. You will be able to pay and email them the questions with justifications that you think are incorrect.
  6. Now, Pay Rs 500/- on the given portal.
  7. NRI students need to pay 10$ for the same.
  8. State and question number carefully as in Question paper.
  9. Attach valid justification while challenging the Answer Key.

GATE Answer Key Feb 2018 – Branch Wise

GATE Paper Code GATE Paper Code
Aerospace Engineering AE Instrumentation Engineering IN
Agricultural Engineering AG Mathematics MA
Architecture and Planning AR Mechanical Engineering ME
Biotechnology BT Mining Engineering MN
Civil Engineering CE Metallurgical Engineering MT
Chemical Engineering CH Petroleum Engineering PE
Computer Science and Information Technology CS Physics PH
Chemistry CY Production and Industrial Engineering PI
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC Textile Engineering and Fiber Science TF
Electrical Engineering EE Engineering Sciences XE*
Ecology and Evolution EY Life Sciences XL**
Geology and Geophysics GG

Unofficial GATE Answer Keys Feb 2018

Many institutes will release their answer keys once the examination is over. They do it in order to get more and more admissions next year and for becoming famous too. It may be the case that some of the answers appear wrong which can harm you. Either you will be too happy and ambitious for getting it right or sad for getting it wrong. We recommend you do not trust these unauthentic sources and be patient until Gate 2018 Official Answer Key is released. Sources which are most trusted for the Answer Keys for Gate exam are:

  • IIT that conducts GATE
  • ACE Academy
  • Made Easy
  • GATE Forum
  • IES Academy

GATE Answer Key February 2018

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a computer-based examination. Due to which, sometimes there is a difference/mismatch in the order of questions in the paper and answer key. So while downloading the Answer Key, make sure you also download the associated Question Paper to it carefully to avoid further confusions.

Trusted Institutions for GATE Answer Key 2018

It is very important for a candidate to be aware of the answer keys he/she should use. There are a lot of coaching institutes which publish the GATE Answer keys and some of them are not trustworthy. This can create a feeling of either overexcitement or make them sad. To avoid unnecessary predictions, they should only use genuine GATE Answer key 2018. Below are the GATE 2018 Answer Key by coaching institutes. These institutes are the most reputed ones and publish 100% genuine answer keys.

GATE Answer Key MadeEasy                                       GATE Answer Key Ace Academy 

IES Academy GATE Answer Key                         GATEForum GATE 2018 Answer Key

GATE Answer Key All Branches

GATE examination will be conducted in online form this year. The questions in the exam will be in random fashion to avoid cheating and use of unfair means. You can also carry a non-programmable calculator for ease in the GATE exam. Download the answer key for the desired branch from the list of GATE 2018 Answer Key for All Branches given below.

Subject Answer Key
Civil Engineering (CE)  Download Now
Electronics and Communication (EC)   Download Now
Electrical Engineering (EE)   Download Now
Aerospace Engineering (AE)   Download Now
Computer Science Engineering (CS)   Download Now
Agriculture Engineering (AG)   Download Now
Architecture and Planning (AE)   Download Now
Chemical Engineering (CH)   Download Now
Biotechnology Engineering (BT)   Download Now
Geophysics and Geology (GG)   Download Now
Ecology and Evolution (EY)   Download Now
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)   Download Now
Mechanical Engineering (ME)   Download Now
Life Science Engineering (XL)   Download Now
Metallurgy Engineering (MT)   Download Now
Production Engineering (PI)   Download Now
Physics(PH)   Download Now
Mining Engineering (MN)   Download Now
Petroleum Engineering (PE)   Download Now
Mathematics (MA)   Download Now
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)   Download Now
Engineering Science(XE)   Download Now
Chemistry(CY)   Download Now

We hope we made it easy for you to download GATE 2018 answer key. If you still have any problems, comment them below. We will be really glad to resolve your issues. Stay updated on our website to get the latest notifications the earliest.